2020, The World of the Pandemic…Has this Affected You?

2020, The World of the Pandemic…Has this Affected You?

Is it just me or is everyone really, really over this Covid – 19 pandemic situation kinda thing by now? However it is a scary time for everyone, but living with a chronic illness, loosing a loved one during this time and restrictions on attendees are very stressful, not being able to travel to see loved ones if you’re worried, having a baby even and a mental health condition causing you distress is an extra thing we have to deal with over the top of it all.

I guess majority of us consider our homes a safe haven and are at home a lot but now that were restricted to home, do you feel that you’re trapped or in prison? For me, I didn’t. I didn’t feel like I was in lockdown oddly. I enjoyed the no traffic if I had to go to the pharmacy but this isn’t a good thing. Everyone had no choice but to stay home this year during lockdowns and may actually now be more understanding of what it feels like when our health prevents us from doing anything.

As some of of us are housebound we get lonely unless you’re reading this right now (thank you!) or are doing some I encourage you enjoy such as gardening, exploring a new talent via youtube (hence how I learnt how to build websites and I am currently working on our forum) or bullet journal! However once again… now that healthy people have experienced this, it can help us explain more easily what it has been like for us forever. That this is what our normal is. This is a positive aspect that’s come out of this shitty pandemic.

May every soul that was that lost their lives to covid around the word, Gold Bless and I hope youre with your loved ones in Heaven/Paradise or anywhere your religion is is there.

To the people who caught the virus and has recovered, We wish you a speedy recovery and are happy for you.

Lots of Love