Sorry I have been MIA for a little while. It was my birthday on the 3rd of October woohoo I turned 35. but unfortunately it was spoiled by my sibling I spoke about in me previous posts.

I am currently in the middle of updating the website (when am I not) but I am currently in progress building a forum for everyone to hang out in, mingle with everyone and talk to each other and share your stories. Its HARD lol I am not a web designer but I built this website from scratch so its my baby.

Another thing for some reason I keep getting spammed on my blog page so if you see a weird post – its not me as you maybe able to tell.

I would love to hear from you personally. If you would like me to cover a blog please shoot me an email to

I will be covering a chronic illness in the next few days so please watch out for that.

Oh just a quick question, if youre reading this…. are you able to use the comment section? I only get comments on 1 post and I’ve been missing a lot of comments and I feel SO bad I have not seeing them. Like said, please feel free to email on the above email –

Lots of Love