My . name is Jess and I ma 33 years old from 2 hours south of Sydney from a small town of Wollongong, a rural beach location in the Illawarra.

Now that’s out of the way, this site is a a safe site for mental health but not only that!Lady’s and gents – we HAVE to tae care of ourselves even if you DON’T have a mental health. I’ll be testing out new makeup as an ordinary consumer not a beauty guru ( but i KNOW how to do make up well) so I’l be able to tell you yah or nay !It’s a beauty review (yesssss I get to buy new makeup to review!!!), I will try to  talk on lifestyle and i a working on a forum so we can get together and have group meetings togther, a place where we can share 0ur stories together with no judgement, anon via the internet.

I was diagnosed with Cancer last year and I’m a victim of PTSD of a war victim but everyday, I get up, put on my makeup even if I am going to bed and ensure I have my face is on 😉

I have so many plans for this site. I welcome you. I am so nervous. I’ve never blogged before so please bare with me! I cannot wait to share juicy stories and connect stories with you!

Lots of LOVE,