Hiya, I’m Jess

Personal Life Coach with Cancer who Refuse uses to give up Hope! Welcome to my BLOG! This site is dedicated to anyone who is affected with cancer, chronic illness, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, grief and loss, mental health and much much more. There is NO judgement here. We’re all here for each other.


Fighing Pain with Beauty

Welcome to Petite Vibrant

Welcome to Petite Vibrant. I have created this site in honor of my dad who passed away due to cancer and now I have two cancers and severe chronic fatigue. I would like this to be a swiss space to talk about everyday norms but with a twist.

Fighting Pain With Beauty

I like to put on makeup every day to make myself better even if I do go back to bed. Perhaps some of you guys can too fight through the pain with beauty. 

I hope you all join in this forum & let’s get this party started.

Chronic Fatigue – How I See It – My Truth

Among the many issues, we have to deal with is constant fatigue. No wonder it gets more difficult to carry out the normal day to day activities, like updating content on the blog for instance.

New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

My beautiful members. Happy new year and may your new year is filled with at least one goal no matter how small it is. Again I haven't been around and as I have been open to you I've had family issues II had to deal with and I actually had a mental breakdown at one...

Isn’t Spring So Pretty in Australia? ERRRNNTTT Try Again.

Isn’t Spring So Pretty in Australia? ERRRNNTTT Try Again.

As i was saying in my title, isn't Australia so pretty ins spring? The leaves are turning green and the beautiful flowers are blossoming and our beautiful native tree named wattle is choking me to death in a fit of an asthma attack! That's right shout out to all my...

Thank You

Thank You

My self esteem has been extremely low for quite a long time since I lost my long dark locks and the medication changes my body. Can you guys believe Ive have been working on this site for 3 years? Id do an all nighter at times then drive 2 hours to go do my job. I...



Hi guys, Sorry its taken me a little wile to write part two of My sister, the ice addict I actually got hacked and my blog was spammed so badly ... for tweeting product...*insert face palm) I am free writing chapter two as we speak. Kindest Regards PV

Your goals become a lot less daunting when you focus on the smaller, more accessible steps you need to take to achieve them. Believe me, I feel overwhelmed in the little things I have to do day-to-day. I’m constantly reminding myself to take things just one step at a time. It makes everything manageable.

Life goals from a cancer patient’s point of view helps I think because I understand what your going through. I also suffer from chronic fatigue, and chronic disabling pain. I hate paying so much money for a Webster pack every week!

Things you’d like to achieve in order to be satisfied with your future and who you become. Your personal goals could range from better relationships to starting a business, to traveling the world. 

I try to encourage everyone to wear or put n their favourite lipstick on even if you’re not going anywhere or perhaps a hat or a piece of jewllerly. For me, I LOVE make up and have taught myself how to apply it like a pro! I have made a few video for this site to teach you guys some basic looks and then some not so basic looks. Even though I know I’m going back to bed or just going to clean my house (the show still must go on!) I have a full face of make up on.

Please enjoy my blogs. I hope you like them and if you would like me to write on a topic please let me know!

Lots of Love – Petite Vibrant

About Me

My name is Jess. I am 33 years old, lives 2 hours south of Sydney in a small town of Wollongong, a rural beach location in the Illawarra.

I’m a victim of PTSD of a war victim but every day, I get up, put on my makeup even if I am going to bed and ensure I have my face is on ?I have so many plans for this site. I cannot wait to share juicy stories and connect stories with you!

I will try to talk on lifestyle and I working on a forum so we can get together and have group meetings together, a place where we can share 0ur stories together.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.




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