My self esteem has been extremely low for quite a long time since I lost my long dark locks and the medication changes my body. Can you guys believe Ive have been working on this site for 3 years? Id do an all nighter at times then drive 2 hours to go do my job. I never ever thought that I would have anyone read my blog and reading your comments bring me so much happiness.

I am just a 34 year old ex force. I write how I feel and mean every single word. Our community means so much to me. Ive always worked in the caring industry or the health industry.

I am building a forum for us to inter act with each other. There is so many kind people that have left messages to me. At first, I thought I was just getting spam on my emails but it wasnt!!!!! TURNED OUT THEY WERE COMMENTS!!!! This is how grateful I am for each and every single one of you.

I want petite Vibrant to be the community ive always wanted.

If you ever have a request on a topic you want me to cover, please contact me!

Lots of love