Hiya everyone! I am alive but I have been very sick however…. i am overwhelmed by all the absolutely lovely, inspiring, motivating and amazing comments that some of you guys are sending me about my posts. I had absolutely no idea there were even comments there *sigh*

I am going to be really honest. This is my first blog so I am learning as I go. I built this site and watched SO many “how to build a WordPress website”. I highly recommend Darryl Wilson if you ever need a tutorial in that field. I

I felt like I was writing all these blog posts and thought to myself, no one is seeing them no matter how hard I was working by trying to get my name out there, Petite Vibrant. A place for people to come together as a support network that’s affected with illness and even their loved ones too because I’ve been on both sides After Id post Id think to myself, will anyone in this huge world want to see MY blog? I was feeling quite depressed because it was a passion I had thought of and really planned out. But please, hear me out…..

After the absolute boost of morale and the support that you guys are giving me and I am giving you I haven’t felt this much joy in a very long time. Please feel free to write to me for and subjects you would like discussed. We can always bring it over to the forum page that I’ve built to dive deeper, our own mini social media site for us soldiers.

I promise from now on I will be more active. My emai is down at the moment so I will work on this site tonight. I was actually redoing the site, making it look a little different so a few changes will be made.

I want to get to know you all so very much and start our family community. I’m still in shock its reached so many people. I’ve been trying so hard to get out there!!!!!

Thank You SO SO much!

New post coming soon ….

Love PV x