My beautiful members. Happy new year and may your new year is filled with at least one goal no matter how small it is.

Again I haven’t been around and as I have been open to you I’ve had family issues II had to deal with and I actually had a mental breakdown at one point because the situation has been going on for 3 years now. I didnt even attent Christmas. My Leo got poisoned by a plant and was so sick and I was so shattered because he has so sick but he is ok now thank God. My Dog is my loyalest friend and the absolute world to me. We can pretty much read each others minds hehe

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I am have a lot of problems with my host provider – Siteground, the people who hold my website up. It’s been going on for a very very long time but now it’s time to tell everyone my fears.

Oneday, all my emails went down so my personalised ones by Siteground for example logged me out and I couldnt get back in so I thought, ok no worries I’ll just reset it from Siteground because thats where I change the password only to findout that my login for my account was wrong, Now, I 100% knew it, it was even stored in my Dashlane.

I contacted Siteground – for the past 5 months they have put me through HELL. They will not give back my site to me because I don’t have access and I tried to explain to them yes because I cannot reset it and told them i was kicked out. They made me sign the same document 4 differnt days, they phone interviewd me, they said ok just send us your license and now they want me to go to a laywer to get an affadavid. I am so scared to loose my site. I have worked so so hard on this one.

I have been building a new website on one of my test websites and would you guys support me if I start a youtube channel? I have so many plans for this site. I will set up a content schedule and be more productive, New Year – New Me

New content coming Monday!

Love PV