Me, Myself and You!

A little a bit of me, little about my work and mostly what plans are with you!

My Story …

Now that’s out of the way, this site is a safe site for mental health but not only that! Lady’s and gents – we HAVE to take care of ourselves even if you DON’T have mental health. I’ll be testing out new makeup as an ordinary consumer, not a beauty guru ( but I KNOW how to do makeup well) so I’ll be able to tell you yah or nay! It’s a beauty review (yes I get to buy new makeup to review!!!), I will try to talk on lifestyle and I a working on a forum so we can get together and have group meetings together, a place where we can share 0ur stories together with no judgment, anon via the internet.

I was diagnosed with cancer last year and I’m a victim of PTSD of a war victim but every day, I get up, put on my makeup even if I am going to bed and ensure I have my face is on ?

I have so many plans for this site. I welcome you. I am so nervous. I’ve never blogged before so please bear with me! I cannot wait to share juicy stories and connect stories with you!

Lots of LOVE,



My Job Mean’t The Wold To Me

I started work as dance teacher at 15 years old, dance was my life. I lived, breathed and loved jazz and tap however I dreaded it. I had anxiety to the the point I’d vomit a few days before the competitions were due to start so my anxiety started at a very early age. Embarrassingly now, I’d get a face cloth and hide in my bedroom and vomit in it and tried to hide them but my mum would find them… off to the child psychologist I WENT. 

I am a chronic asthmatic too and I was made to do swimming even in the cold. I was terrified by the stupidest things to most people but to me it was just me. I was terrified to the black tiles on the pool and till this day I dont like touching the different tiles in a pool, I just have no idea why. I’d get threatened, no swimming no dancing, I guess I was brought up in a strict, ok very very strict home and I had to participate in all sports activities. My Dad go sick and this was y downfall, but it made me get into the job I cherished and now I want to back on board ti speak to everyone!

What’s on the Menu For The Site

Life Coaching and Debrief

Book an appointment for a session for a good old debrief to get whatever you need off your chest rather than on your loved ones. Book for life coach sessions.


Make Up Reviews and Tutorials

I love makeup so much and my biggest motto of this site is ” FIGHTING PAIN WITH BEAUTY” This doesn’t mean you need to wear a full beat of make up like what I do everyday but put your fav lipstick on, wear your best hat! It words wonders!!!

Coming Together

Coming together and supporting each everyones are time and standing with each other.